What Our Volunteers Say at Gulf Coast Humane Society in SWFL

What Our Volunteers Say


“When I began volunteering at GCHS in 2006, it was a pretty grim place. There are many stories I could tell, but I won’t go in to that. I am amazed at what the shelter has become in the ensuing years. We have a competent and caring staff and the best director and volunteer coordinator we could possibly have. The place is clean, all animals have beds (not always the case in the old days), a clean bowl of water and they are loved and respected.”
~ Suzanne

“Family. A safe place for ALL creatures, human or otherwise.”
~ Kim

“I also started in 2006 and am so proud to have been associated with GCHS as it has grown to provide care and services for so many needy animals over the years.”
~ Janice

” I’m new to GCHS, but am so excited to be a part of this organization. Every person I’ve come in contact has been so kind and helpful. The dogs are happy and well cared for. It’s brought a real light into my life.”
~ Angela

“I have been volunteering for many years with Jerry Havill & continuing on in his memory. It’s been rewarding to see the tremendous improvements & changes over the years & I’m proud to support this fine organization. The staff, volunteers and pets make it a family and everyone truly has the animals & people’s best needs at heart. Everyone is a saint!”
~ Kathy