Dolly's Dream Adoption Program - Gulf Coast Humane Society

Dolly’s Dream Adoption Program

Thanks to the Dolly’s Dream Project, Gulf Coast Humane Society has the opportunity to highlight two bully breed type of dogs at a time to help enhance their odds of being adopted and also to spread positive awareness these dogs so justly deserve.

The Dolly’s Dream Project will sponsor the pair of dogs, which brings a bevy of benefits to the adopter(s) when they decide to provide a forever home. When one of these dogs are adopted, a treasure trove of gifts are supplied, including:

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  • – Leash, collar and harness
  • – Training crate (if needed)
  • – Food and water bowls
  • – Dog bed
  • – Toys
  • – Food and treats
  • – The Adoption Fee has been paid for by Dolly’s Dream!


Dolly’s Dream Teamers

Daisy Mae 3 Jpg
Daisy Mae 1 Jpg
Daisy Mae 2 Jpg
Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a five-year-old adventurous spirit! She loves playing in the pool for hours, if you let her! Her curiosity and playful ways will make her Forever Family laugh and smile all the time! Daisy Mae’s family lost their home in Hurricane Ian, with the sweet girl coming to GCHS.


Daisy Mae is an expert at doing the zoomies! She is an active girl who will keep you busy then crash afterward for some snuggle time.

Billy 1 Jpg
Billy 2 Jpg
Billy 3 Jpg

The staff and volunteers here are in love with Billy, because he is a pint-sized pup with a HUGE personality!

And once a Dolly’s Dream Dog, always a Dolly’s Dream dog!! Billy was a long-termer at GCHS before his adoption last year, but unfortunately due to zero fault of Billy’s, he is back at GCHS.

That’s lucky for Billy’s next forever family!

Hidden behind his stoic exterior is a cuddly, loyal, loving lap dog who will charm and follow you around forever. Billy does get distracted at times, but he is one unique and loving furry friend!

Dolly 300x200 Jpg

The start of Dolly’s Dream, is the beginning for new and happy lives

“Dolly” (pictured here) was a Square Head who opened the heart of the man who adopted her and taught him how loving, sweet and gentle these dogs can be. No different than any other type of dog.
Today, in her honor, Dolly’s Dream is to give dogs like her a second chance at life and the type of home every dog deserves.

​Throughout shelters in the U.S., one of the most common dogs who occupy those kennels are “Square Heads.” Big, tall, short, small they have one thing in common – a head that looks a bit “square.” At first glance, some would call a dog like this a “Pit Bull” or a “bully breed”. Misinformation about these breeds have given many a bad reputation.

Dolly’s Dream is a project to encourage the adoption of our “Square Heads” and to help counter the unfortunate stereotypes and myths that some people still believe about these dogs. As a no-kill shelter, Gulf Coast Humane Society enthusiastically takes in every breed, with the ultimate goal in mind to find the perfect, happy forever home for all!

Learn more here about Dolly’s Dream or visit their Facebook Page and/or Instagram Page.