Pack Leader Club - Golf Coast Humane Society

Pack Leader Club

Join our Pack Leader Club when your annual aggregate monetary gifts are greater than or equal to $1,000.  The Pack Leader Club is available to individual as well as corporate donors.

When your annual giving reaches $1,000 or more, our development team will let you know!  You’ll remain a member of the Pack Leader Club for the remainder of the calendar year as well as the next calendar year.

To show our appreciation for your generosity, we invite you to enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Invitation to the annual State of the Shelter event
  • Invitations to signature community events
  • Recognition in our impact report and on our website
  • Member of the Pack Leader quarterly newsletter
  • Presented with a certificate acknowledging your vital role in supporting the Gulf Coast Humane Society mission
2024-2025 Pack Leader Members

AES Companies

John Agnew

Armstrong Pest Control

Susan and Phillip Bennett

Bill Black

Richard Freda and Tricia Blakeslee

Sue and Steven Burnham

Carol Buzzard

Club Care, Inc.

Lynda Case

Christine Colborne

Madeleine Doran

Dr. Harvey and Nora Krieger Endowment Fund

Enterprise Employees

Enterprise Mobility

Richard Finelli

Edward Corcoran and Linda Flack

Deborah Fowler

Fred and Bernadine Stuefer Fund

Brian Gambino

Give Lively Foundation

David Gomberg

Ashley Harris

Ronni Haston

Carole Hewitson

Hubert Charitable Trust

Imagenet Consulting LLC

Joan B. Titus Irrevocable Trust

Mike and Joanie Lancellot

Cherokee Lee

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Linda and George Miller Fund

Mike Lucente

Rob and Sue Phelan

Point of View LLC

Raizik Fund

Patricia Robinson

Rudlaff Family Foundation

Kim and Rob Sanford

Sanibel Vending LLC, DBA Shores Bar and Grill

Seminole Casino – Immokalee

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Barbara Skates

The RAK Charitable Fund

Tichy Anesthesia

United Way Suncoast

West Bay Community Charitable Foundation, Inc.


2024 Leader Club Members

Donald Adams

John Agnew

Aloia Roland, Attorneys at Law

American Legion Aux Unit 323

Arpin Charitable Trust

Donna Zeuli and George Baliotis

Beasley Media Group Inc

Bell Bank Mortgage

Linda Bennett

Susan and Phillip Bennett

Bernal T. Chomeau Private Foundation

Best Friends Animal Society

Bill Smith Appliances and Electronics

Bill Black

Blueway RV Village

Charles Bodenhafer

Wayne Bowersox

Mark Boyle

Patricia Brambley

William Bro

Lydia and Robert Brown

Carol Buzzard

Judy Cahn

Katherine Caldwell

Janice Caprio

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Chico’s Promise

Stormy and Robert Chitwood

Christian and Eva Trefz Family Foundation

Clause and Sue Mahler Fund

Judith Collins

Colonial Country Club

Colonnade Foundation

Dawn Conard P.A.

Cool Today

Vivian Crowe

John Deas

Debra Hahn Welsh LLC

Madeleine Doran

Sue Downey

Gail Dupre

David Eddy

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Enterprise/Taylor Charitable Entities

Salvatore Evola

Sam Faller

Richard Finelli

First Nation Group, LLC

Kim Fox

Christopher Frantel

Fred and Bernadine Stuefer Fund for Gulf Coast Humane Society

Brian Gambino

John and Carrie Garces

Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice, and Purtz P.A.

David Gomberg

Scott and Therese Graham

Greater Fort Myers Dog Club

Greater Good Charities

Charles Green

Daniel Green

William and Beth Anne Greer

Patricia Guard

Hahn Loeser, Attorneys at Law

Harold and Judy McKonly Family Foundation

Carmen Hearns

Ronald Heim

John Hoder

Hodges Survivor Trust

Holmstrom Family Foundation

Hubert Charitable Foundation

Julee Hunt

Marybeth and Kyle Jackson

Stanley Jodziewicz

Anita Kardon

Lisa and Kevin Kasenow

Juliann Kelly

Gregory Kerr

Helen and Charles Ketteman

Kia of Cape Coral

John and Mitzi King

Janet Klagholz

Klauder Family Foundation

Peg and Robert Kleckner

Jane Kopp

Glenda Krietlow

Monica Kummer

Joenita Lambert

Jane Lampkin

Mike and Joanie Lancellot

Joseph Lapczenski

Judy and Mark Ledford

Levi, Ray, and Shoup Inc

Cathy and Wayne Limbright

Linda and George Miller Fund

Logical Choice Realty, Kevin and Ramona Kellogg

Richard and Kathleen Macko

Sherri and Larry Marcelli

Margery Nientimp Foundation

Lorraine Masud

Suzanne and Glenn Matsumoto

Kevin McManus

Annie and Mike McMurray

Michael and Deborah Messner

Robert and Karen Micklash

Jeanette Mihaly

Anne Miller

Timothy and Wendy Miller

Marybeth Mulligan

Patricia Murphy

Teri Murphy

Bob and Patti Murray

Joseph Namath

Louis and Suzanne Nigro

Pam Norris

James and Ellen O’Brien

Joan O’Connor

Irene O’Dell

One Digital Insurance

Nancy Patterson

Cecil Pendergrass

Pet Food Warehouse

Ross Peter

Trevor Pham

Sally Phillips

Steve and Jan Porterfield

Nancy and Robert Potter

Art Prigun

Raymond Building Supply

Doris Reiner

W Curtis and Phyllis Riddle

Colleen Rob

Robert F Serafin Family Fund

Evelyn Rosario

Rubeski Giving Fund

Rudlaff Family Foundation

Jay Russo

Stephanie Russo

Ruwayha Family Fund

Sanibel Vending LLC, DBA Shores Bar and Grill

Laura Saunders Warling

Stephen Scholle

Seagate Development Group

Paul and Carolee Shane

Brenda and Howard Sheridan

Virginia and Chester Shorts

Barbara Siebert

Theria Smales

Earl Smith

Robin Snyder

St. Vincent de Paul

Carol Stephenson

Ernie Stewart/LBEH

Mark Streater

Janie and Ray Sucik

Christy Swanson

Elizabeth and Michael Teeter

The Case Charitable FUnd

The MJ Kelley Foundation

The RAK Charitable Fund

Linda Theis

Brian Thompson

Unity of Fort Myers

R.J. Vigoda

Sandra Walper

Christi Warren

Jonathan Waters

S.P. Watt

West Bay Community Charitable Foundation

Marilyn White

Rosanne Wierzal

William Penn Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Richard Wood

Patricia Zambuto